kindly WAWA is a place for Wawa (aka Nicole) to share her adventures and, to share with others, the places and the people that have inspired her. Through stories, kindly WAWA is a place for the world to get to know this young woman who is in the “in between” stage of life. The “in between,” you know that stage where life has settled from the high, or from the low, and now you ask “What next?”

kindly Wawa hopes that this blog will connect her to others so that they can embrace this stage of life together.


nicole, FOUNDER

Nicole is the founder of kindly WAWA. The world calls her Nicole, but those closest to her also call her Wawa. Nicole was born in Northern Arizona, and grew up on the Navajo Nation. In 2013, Nicole moved to Rochester, New York and in 2018, she decided to start a blog.

“I’ve always enjoyed hearing people’s stories and I’ve always wanted to share inspiring stories. The dream is a book but, for now, a blog is where I’ll start.”

I hope you find something inspiring and helpful here.