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Twenty-eighteen has flown by. Not to mention, I began this blog a year ago! Kindly Wawa was created so that I may share my stories, with the hopes that it may help others. To end 2018, I have one more story for ya.

One of my last adventures, of 2018, was with my family. We drove from Arizona to California to visit Sequoia National Park. Sequoia is the park with tall trees, including the world’s tallest tree, General Sherman. We took a chance with this visit, as when we left, we weren’t sure if the US government shutdown would mean that all National Parks would be closed. We were happy to find that the park was open, however there were limited park officials. I saw only one park ranger the entire time we were there.


Let me first say, that if you haven’t been to Sequoia, GO,  IT IS BEAUTIFUL! On the way up, we stopped several times admiring the scenery change from, beautiful mountain views to THEE tallest trees I have EVER seen!

I won’t forget the beauty. It will probably be the most memorable family trip, but not for the beautiful scenery. Nope, but for what happened as we were making our way back down.

As we were making our way down the mountain, my dad announced that we need to find a gas station because we were low on gas! My anxiety instantly shot up, and fear overtook. A few things you should know: the roads were windy up and the roads were windy down, we had zero cell phone service, and there was a government shutdown.

This experience just about sums up my 2018. There were many beautiful high points this year. I visited London, Paris, and Hawai’i. I moved into the SHOEBOX (my apartment). I was promoted at work. I became active in my church, serving on two volunteer teams.

IMG_4358However, with each beautiful moment I was stretched. My FAITH stretched. The trip down the summit was another faith stretching moment. As we were making our way down, hoping to find a gas station on the way, I heard the all to familiar phrase “Stand firm, and know that I am God.” This has been my saying, my mantra, for 2018.

Let’s reflect from the beginning of 2018.  Last New Year’s Eve, I was feeling lost, like something was missing. You know what it was? God. Yes, I have longed believed that there is a God. I grew up in church. I had a church in Rochester that I attended. I prayed.

But there was no relationship. I wanted a relationship, and in 2018 I developed one. My faith became something more than a routine checklist. It became the center of my life. I began to build my foundation, by finding community, getting involved, and spending quality reading my Bible and having daily chats with God.

It was not easy. It challenged me every single day, in just about every kind of way! Even in the beautiful moments I found challenges. But I would hear the same phrase, “Stand firm, and know that I am God.”

“So, I will PRAISE you on the mountain and I will praise you when the mountains in my way… I’ll sing through the shadows my song of ascent.”  -Highlands, Hillsong United

I will save the drama, for my mama, and just say, we coasted down the mountain, making it (41 miles later) to the gas station. Did I think we’d make it all the way down? I had my doubts. But instead of expressing those doubts, I closed my eyes, had faith, and repeated my phrase “know that I am God.”

With all that I’ve learned, from 2018, I am coasting into 2019. My foundation has been set, and I am ready to build. I am going in with an expectant heart. A new heart and a new song. If my foundation remains strong, God willing, I won’t need to endure another year like 2018.

I want to thank you for reading any of my stories this year. I don’t know what 2019 will hold for this blog, but I hope I’ll have some good stories to share.

Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “twenty-eighteen

  1. Blessed 2.23.19 Nicole. Checking my Insta today I found you and your sweet, toothy, beautifully “banged” face. Radiant smile and eyes drew me in. Proceeded to your story reading Kindly Wawa. Wanted you to know you touched my heart today. My faith, more importantly my relationship and humanhood with Jesus fills me up with gratitude. And also carries, holds me and encourages me like no human I have met.
    That says ALOT considering the love and support I feel from my family and friends. On this day I found you and wanted you to know you are extraordinary😍🙏 Love, peace and prayers, Lorey❤


    1. ❤️ Thank you for your kind note. I appreciate the time you took to read my story and the time you took to reach out. Agreed! The relationship I have with Him is the greatest gift I’ve given to myself. Saying a little prayer up for you.


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