Fall Cravings

Chrissy Collection

“What rhymes with Ezekiel bread? I’m trying to write some sweet rap beats” – Chrissy Teigen

The leaves are falling, the air is changing, I have (safely) removed my ac window unit, and have turned on the heat. I love summer, I was sad to see her go. I do not take her for granted, for she doesn’t stick around Rochester for too long. In the summer, I am up with the sun, getting my run in while the air is still cool. Now, that Fall has descended upon Rochester, I find myself staying in bed a little longer, wrapped in the warmth of my comforter, choosing to run in the afternoon, once it warms.


In the summer I love to be outside, but in the fall and winter months I embrace my kitchen. A few weeks ago, one of my favorites (Chrissy Teigen) released a cookware collection and I purchased a few things, okay I purchased a lot of things. To add, my sweet friends also gifted me a few pieces as well. So, lately, I’ve been making soups in the beautiful emerald, enameled, cast iron dutch oven and baking with my adorable little ceramic ramekins. Guys, my little humble abode has been smelling like heavenly spices.

In this quick little post, I wanted to share a few of my favorite recipes, these recipes I found online and are easily shareable. Whether you are cooking for one, or be it five, these will NOT disappoint! These recipe are simple, and you can always add your own twist. Like adding a bay leaf to the pie mixture, even if the recipe doesn’t call for it. The Sriracha adds a kick to the chicken soup, but you can always spice things up even more with a little shake of cayenne pepper. For the banana bread, I can’t find unsweetened shredded coconut, so I use sweetened shredded coconuts and use 1/2 cup-ish less sugar (because 2 cups is a lot!).

My mom used to tell me “if you can read, you can cook.” I want to say that my mom is rarely wrong, but I know a few people who have said they can’t cook. I think, you’re just afraid to cook. Don’t be. Don’t be afraid, don’t stress, don’t worry. Have fun and bon appétit!

Easy peasy chicken pot pie in ramekins

Ramekin Pies

Chicken soup for the gluten free


Chrissy’s Banana Bread 






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