Fun in the Sun: ROC Edition

Greetings from Rochester

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, God said let there be sun and warmth in Rochester, NY.

… and it was! Yes, it was not only a sunny, spring day, in Rochester, it was also a beautiful warm day! Everyone was happy. I don’t think I saw one scowl that day, I don’t even think I heard one car horn beep on the road.

Since arriving in Rochester, I’ve heard it all. My first winter, I was told “this is the coldest it has ever been.” Another year, “this is the snowiest.” Then, “this is the driest.” Each year, I rolled my eyes and thought okayyy, I’m sure you say that to every new person.

This was my fourth Rochester winter, and I thought I had experienced it all. I was feeling pretty confident all winter long. It didn’t seem as cold, and there were not many mornings where I had to brush inches of snow off of my car.

I began to wonder “oh, maybe I have adapted.” But as the weeks went on, winter continued. The cold, and gray winter lingered and I grew weary. When would it end? We all came to agreement that “this is one our longest winters!” 

It also doesn’t help when your family is in Arizona, and spring never really leaves. Yes, it gets cold. Yes, sometimes there is snow. But the sun is always out and spring begins in February!

Well, April 22, spring arrived and everyone was out celebrating! The outdoor seating for restaurants were packed. People were running in shorts! Parks were filled. Everyone seemed to be outside. And, as if further proof, of just how happy people were, is needed:

Not even two giggly gals blasting 90s tunes, could have annoyed Rochesterians. Nope. We drove down East Avenue blasting “MMMBop,” and people just laughed and smiled. No judgement was felt. No explanation was needed. The sun was out in Rochester, and people welcomed any form of happiness.

This all got me excited for all the fun in the sun activities I have to look forward to.

IMG_1204   IMG_0757

Earlier in the day, I was reminded of someone I once was: NEW! I once knew nothing about this city. I once relied on a GPS to take me places, and now I can give directions.

So, to celebrate this warmth, I would like share a few things I like to do when the sun is shining in Rochester, NY.

  • Activities outside: Kayaking in Fairport, hiking (Mendon is a fav), running along the canal, reading by the lake, eating along Park Ave, ice cream at Pittsford Dairy, wine tasting in the Finger Lakes, or simply enjoying golden hour atop Cobb’s Hill. 
  • Driving: Hour long drives to the grocery stores were a thing growing up. Music was a constant companion and sometimes sunny days make me homesick. So, a remedy for my homesickness is to drive away from the city, with the windows down, and some country song playing.

IMG_1449   IMG_1453

  • MUSIC!: Summer concerts and all the festivals. There is so much music in the summer and I love it! Be it summer concerts at CMAC or Darien Lake, summer concerts in the Park, Fairport Music Fest, or the Jazz Fest, MUSIC IS EVERYWHERE!
  • Flowers: Oh flowers, they are so pretty. Purchasing fresh, locally-grown flowers at the Rochester Public Market (Saturdays & some Sundays) and at the Brighton Market (Sundays).

IMG_1260 2   IMG_0759

  • Nothing: Backyard days in the company of friends, doing nothing.

If you’re new to Rochester, get ready. There is so much to do and so little time. What are some of your favorite spring/summer activities? Or something I should check out? Let me know on IG: @wawascott



2 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun: ROC Edition

  1. Love your blog sweetie, I love you and miss you. I love spring it bring sunshine out of everyone young and old, the smell of backyard grilling of our favorite dishes which brings love one together in unison with laughter and love and top off the day with the spring beautiful sunset that never fails to show its smile. Love spring time in Arizona….


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