Long road trips filled with good music and good conversation are the best! Except…

… when that road trip is to DC! I am not fond of the route to DC. On the way, there is a town with many stop lights and then, traffic getting into DC can be annoyingly slow. Yet, I happily do it a few times a year to visit friends I adore.

While flying might seem like a better option, to avoid traffic and save time… it costs more money and I miss out on all the fun aspects of a road trip: FOOD, memories, and conversation. This trip, a friend volunteered to drive and I happily obliged to be the best passenger ever!

I packed the snacks. I downloaded some new music and a podcast. Most importantly, I used the bathroom before we left. All that prep contributed to what I think was the best DC road trip to date. To be honest, it is probably because I was not driving.

The goal of this trip was to see the cherry blossoms, enjoy nicer weather, enjoy time with friends and experience their city. Well, I didn’t get an up close view of the cherry blossoms, because DC people don’t like doing touristy things with a bunch of tourists, and they will not let their friends be tourists (sigh, haha).

The highlight of this trip was visiting Union Market… that’s where I was introduced to DC Dosa!! The Union Market is a very busy place! I had to patiently wait 30 minutes to order, but it so worth the wait! Dosa, an south Indian dish, is like a lentil-based crepe filled with potatoes, veggies, and spicy goodness. It was so delicious that I thought about it throughout the day. I woke up this morning thinking about it. It was that good!




Before I left to DC, I was complaining about Rochester and how I was so over the cold and the cloudy gray skies. Which is why, I couldn’t wait to get out of the ROC! Well, joke was on me, as my one and only full day in DC was a cold 30ish degrees, with cloudy gray skies, day! I may have left Rochester, but I brought the miserable weather with me!

It was from this particular trip, that I admitted to myself a truth that for years I was trying to ignore: I love Rochester. Even though it was making me endure the longest winter ever, I found myself missing it.

On our drive, my road trip partner, Bob, asked me what my favorite city was?

Geeze, I have no idea! Hmmm… well I know my favorite state is Arizona. I love it as a whole though. I like DC, but it’s too big and way too many people. I think.. Quite honestly, I think my favorite city is, Rochester. I keep returning to it and I don’t have to. It’s not where I am from, but I’ve chosen it.

Because people, I have made the decision to be content with living in Rochester.

Since I arrived in Rochester, almost five years ago, I have been making plans to leave. In every conversation, I made sure people knew that I wasn’t planning on staying here very long. A few months ago, I was set on returning home (to Arizona) after the summer ended. But God has shown me, in a variety of ways, that I am right where he needs me to be, Rochester.

While staying might seem like a pretty easy decision, it is not. Staying means I won’t be watching my nephews and niece grow. I’ll miss many more birthdays and life celebrations. Staying means sacrificing more time with my family. That’s the hardest part of this decision.

But apparently, there is much more to learn here, much more to experience, and that excites me. For the last four (almost five) years, I’ve had one foot out the door and that limited my experiences and prevented certain opportunities. Going forward, I’ll have a new outlook on this city, because I won’t be overlooking all that is in front of me.

So, be on the lookout ROC, @wawascott is here to stay. I am ready to explore this city. And I am eager to find out just what it is that Rochester still needs from me and what I need from it.