Running the ROC


Let’s be honest, who truly enjoys running?

Ok, don’t at me people. I’m sure there are a few oddballs in this world who truly enjoy running (ahem, Jim). But I doubt that those oddballs enjoy EVERY run.

As for me, there are days when I am ready to go! Give me the sun and I’ll run for miles. Then, there are days when I am NOT ready to go. Quite often actually. Because in Rochester, there are more cloudy days than sunny ones. So, finding the motivation to get those miles in, is not an easy feat. It takes discipline.

This past week, I decided to run a 15K, that very weekend. I had not planned on running a race, so I had not spent weeks prior training for the hills that I would face. But I had been running, even during this cold Rochester winter I managed to get at least 15 miles in during the week. If the sun decided to grace us with its presences, then I could reach 20 miles in that week.

A few months ago, in September, I ran my first half marathon: the Rochester Half Marathon. My time was good-ish, well it was for my first half marathon. I think I could have done better, I had failed to train for those steep hills. BUT I am proud that I completed it, that was the end goal after all.


Almost two years ago, in 2016, I ran my first 10K: The Rochester Lilac Festival 10K. This race is usually held in mid-May. But look at the picture on the left, does it look like May? No! I remember being SO COLD! I was still fairly new to Rochester, living here for just a little over a year, but I was still not used to the cold. Judging by the attire of everyone else in this photo, this was a cold May day, even for Rochester.

But, compare my 10K picture to the one at the top (that was me this weekend). Do I look cold in the 15K pic? Not really, but look there is still snow on the ground. The race began at 8AM, it was probably about 30 degrees, and there was a slight breeze.

I went from running (uncomfortably) in freezing May weather to being comfortable running a 15K in 30 degree March weather. How? Discipline.

The discipline I have shown since my first race in 2016, and during the winter months since the half, prepared me for this race. This 15K had more hills and valleys, than what I had encountered during the half, and in the end my pace was almost a minute faster!

Run with purpose in every step. 1 Corinthians 9:26

I find it funny that running has become something I enjoy (on most occasions). The teenage me, loathed it. Oh how she loathed it. If I could go back and tell her how this story, she wouldn’t even believe it.

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