5 Places that #ROC


Say, if I were to move back to Arizona and leave Rochester, I would miss these five places. There are others, but read why these five have special meaning to me (they are in no particular order). 

Tʼááłáʼí (1): Ganondagan

The beautiful Ganondagan State Historic Site. If you have lived your whole life in #ROC and have never stepped on the grounds of this beautiful site, then you have been denying yourself of experiencing TRUE beauty.

Ganondagan, is the place I go to when I’m feeling home sick. There are trails to hike, & a replica of a traditional Haudenosaunee longhouse. If you have not visited, I encourage you to stop by the museum and learn of the rich history & culture of the Seneca. I mean, we are on traditional Seneca land after all.


Naaki (2): The Erie Canal

Oh the canal! My love for running began here. A few years ago, I would NEVER have considered myself to be athletic! I laugh now, but my non-A grade in high school was physical education! Yes, you may laugh because it is pretty funny. Anyways, the Canal is beautiful in any season. I’ve had semi-enjoyable 7 mile runs in the humid, sun-beating down on me, weather to short, 3 mile runs in a snow globe. Each mile is peaceful and each person you pass offers a friendly head-nod in support.


Tááʼ (3): The Father’s House (TFH)

I grew up in church. My grandfather was a pastor and we were in church ALL the time! The churches I attended were usually small, located in the ruralness of the rez. Usually, it was the pastor and just his mic. The worship was led by my Grandpa Benny and his guitar, sometimes maybe he was accompanied by a drummer. So, when I moved to Rochester, I was looking for something that felt familiar. I couldn’t find it. I recall googling “churches in Rochester, NY.” I browsed TFH’s website and determined (or judged) that “yeah, this church isn’t for me.” Only because it was not like my church back home.


A year later, someone mentioned The Father’s House to me. So, I looked them up once again and located the campus closest to me. I ended up really enjoying that service. It didn’t take me long to realize that this is the church for me after all! I don’t think it matters if you attend a church that has a full worship band or a one worship leader with a guitar, what matters is the foundation the church is set on. I’m glad I gave it a chance because this church has helped root me in my faith.

Dį́į́ʼ (4): Glen Edith

I love coffee, and my favorite coffee place is Glen Edith Coffee. I found Glen Edith when I began my master degree program. At the beginning of my journey, I was a Starbuck’s hazelnut macchiato kinda gal. I needed a place outside my home to do school work, one that had decent internet, food, and coffee. Glen Edith had great internet, delicious sandwiches, and great coffee. And at the end of my master degree journey, I was a Glen Edith black coffee, sprinkled with cinnamon kinda gal.


Okay, before you get upset, I know Rochester there are MANY other great coffee spots: Java’s (another fav), Ugly Duck, Fuego, Spot Coffee! However, let me tell you why I’m highlighting Glen Edith. It is where I spent my weekends (for a whole year) doing my homework and completing my thesis. It is also where my friendship with Paigey grew. We would see each other every day on campus and then on Saturdays we would meet at Glen Edith. We saw each other every day but Sunday to work. If I moved, I would miss the coffee and bites that Glen Edith has to offer, but I’d mostly miss the memories made in this place.

Ashdlaʼ (5): Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT changed my life, simply by employing me. I moved across the country to work at this place, not really knowing a thing about it. All I knew was that it was offering me the opportunity to work with Native students, and that was more than enough for me to take a chance. I get to work with some great people and I get to interact with amazing students. My favorite thing about RIT, is that it is the place for nerds! I enjoying working in an environment where a student’s idea can become a reality. I enjoy working on a campus that has a program committed to supporting its Native scholars. It is the one campus in Rochester that does.


In my book, these are the 5 Places that #ROC. AGAIN, there are many places I love to visit in Rochester, but if I had to choose only five, it would be these. Tsostsʼid (6) is Wegmans, but that is another post. If you are in Rochester, go to Kindly Wawa’s Instagram and let me know your favorite places that #ROC!